Many people have this notion that you can just take good photos by buying a good digital camera. Little do they understand that taking good photos is not all in the equipment, but the technique of taking the photos?

Photography is more than just fancy equipment!

You can have a very good digital camera, but unfortunately you do not have the technique to take some good pictures. It is, therefore, important that photographers learn some basic techniques that can make it easy to take good photographs.

Here are some of the techniques and tips to taking great and amazing photos.

Understand Your Camera

Taking a good shot can be best achieved if you have good knowledge of your camera. The best place to find information on how to use your camera is by reading the instructions from your manual. You should learn what each button, menu and switch does. Most cameras will come with a ready printed manual, but others will refer you to their websites.

Here’s a great blog that covers the basics for understanding your camera and gives some great Digital Portrait Photography Tips.

Set Your Camera

Before you even start taking your photos, it is very important that you set your camera resolution. High quality photos can be taken if you set your camera to take photo with the highest quality. The best way to do this is by setting your camera to one of its automatic modes. Most cameras have the auto focus settings and it is just good to use this mode. There have been so many developments in the auto-focus shooting and there is more guarantee that your photos will come out so well.

Avoid any obstruction when taking photos

Though many people today use the digital cameras with the live preview options, many still make so many mistakes when taking the photo. It is important that you keep your camera lens off from any thumbs, caps, straps and all other obstructions. It is always important to ensure that you can well focus on the object before you can take that smart shot.

Setting your white balance

It is important to make sure that your white balance is set well before you take your photos. Most of the cameras are capable of compensating for different colors by shifting the colors in different ways. But this cannot be possible if your white balance is not well set. The white balance is a very critical, but underused feature in the modern digital camera and learning to use it can be very helpful in taking great photos. So it is important that you set the white balance correctly.

Set your camera to slower ISO speed

If you are using the digital SLR camera, then you can have less a problem with this, but if you are using a point and shoot digital camera, then you have to set this parameter to get good photographs. This setting makes it possible for you to take less noisy photographs. But as well they restrict you to a slow shutter speed and thus it is hard to take motion pictures.

Compose your photos in a very thoughtful way

Before you frame out the picture in the mind of the viewer, frame it in your own. These will enable you to take the best part of the photo and just have it standing out. Always try not to allow the horizons or other point to cut your pictures in half. As well ensure that you get rid of any ugly background from your photos.

Fill your frame with the subject

Try to always get closer to the subject so that you can have them filling the entire frame. If you have a zoom camera, then you can zoom the images to get a better view of it all.

Try out interesting angles

Instead of just shooting the object by looking at it straight on, try to be creative with the angles you take. Always use angles that bring out most of the color and less of the shadow. Using some of the uncommon angles make the photo even more interesting. This is very important when photographing couples and weddings.

Focus well

Focus is one of the reasons that most pictures look awkward. If you need to take good photos, then it is advisable that you learn to use the auto focus feature. Do not use manual focus unless your auto focus has issues.

Avoid blurry photos

Many people always wonder why their photos appear blurry. These can be avoided by staying still while taking your shot. Always when taking a photo keep your elbows close to your body and use the position to brace your body firmly. As well use the image stabilization feature if your camera has it.
There are so many things you can basically do if you are trying to learn how to take better pictures. But if you can keep this in mind, then you are a step closer to taking good pictures.

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Good Luck and Happy Shooting!


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